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We repair all makes and models of macs

MacBook Repair Bozeman - Ram Has been repairing MacBook computers in Bozeman Montana since 1987 at typically half the cost of what you'll be charged at Apple.

We have the ability to fix it all! Whether you need a repair for your Macbook Pro or your Mac Desktop is experiencing an issue, we provide a wide range of repair services for Apple computers. Moreover, we specialize in screen repairs, touch bar replacements, and virus removals. Furthermore, we offer the convenience of remote support as well.

All our diagnostics are guaranteed to be done in 48 hours or less, and every repair job is backed by our 30-day warranty. Moreover, we specialize in all sorts of Mac repairs, ranging from figuring out why your Mac is running slow to repairing water damage and performing data recovery. If you have any inquiries, please give us a call at 406-586-2408 or send us an email by clicking the "contact us" form below.


It really depends on what the issue is with the mac. BUt all mac that are brought in will be charged a flat rate $49 dollar diagnostic charge. If we need to disassemble the computer it will be another flat fee of $40 dollars. 

apple computer repair bozeman – YES! We can repair water damage on all makes and models of Mac computers ( Macbooks Pros, Macbooks Air’s, Imacs, Etc)  And even in the cases where there is too much damage to repair the computer there is a over 50% chance we can recover your data.

We can. On both Imac and Macbooks. But it is required that we see the computer at the shop before we proceed with the screen repair. So we can get you the right screen as well as make sure that replacing the screen is still a viable option.

It is guarantee that we will have a diagnostic done as well as plan to fix your computer two business days after you bring it in. How long the repair takes to complete depends on what the repair is and if we have to order any special parts.

We don’t! But we can help you with any software issues on either device.

Ram do not. But we can help you purchase the right one. And even transfer all the data and software over to the new computer when it arrives.

All our repairs come with a 30-day warranty that starts the day of pick up.

No. We also repair all makes and models of Pc’s as well as offer managed I.T Services

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