Having a reliable network is vital to the success of your business. RAM Computer Services will analyze your current network, address existing problems and help you plan for future growth. At RAM, 20 years of experience has made us experts with network hardware and software.


  • analysis of your existing network and tracking down network problems
  • selection of the best upgrade path and replace defective or out-of-date components and software
  • planning for future IT needs and ongoing preventative maintenance
  • keeping your network operating at its best and improving performance
  • selecting the best equipment for your needs
  • explanation and installation of secure wireless networking equipment
  • performance of network security reviews and setup of firewalls and remote access

**** FREE Network Install with purchase of server and four or more business workstations ****


We offer scheduled service plans that provide you with regular visits – every week, every other week or monthly – that give you peace of mind and a discounted rate. Let us work with you to find problems before they cost you time and money. We’ll work with you to build a network that will grow with your business.

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RAM Computer Services has been designing, installing and supporting Microsoft networks of all sizes since Microsoft entered the networking arena back in the late 1980’s with their Workgroups for Windows product. Starting with this basic peer-to-peer network, Ram�s networking product line has evolved as Microsoft has made new networking products available. Today we install and support Windows peer to peer networks (98, 2000, XP & Vista) as well as Windows Servers (2000, Small Business Server and 2003). Regardless of how many servers and workstations you have on your network, if you need Microsoft networking, then RAM Computer Services is the right computer company for you. Call us or fill out our contact form and we will start making your Microsoft network work for you.