Should I Care About My Privacy Online?

You may think that since you live in Bozeman Montana. “No one would care about what I do Online.”




But Should you Care?


The answer is not a simple yes or no. If  you have any online presence such as Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media. Or Do any browsing on the web. Some of your information is online. And is being used by advertisers. Well this may shock some people it is the reason you do not have to pay for access to Facebook search engines  or other social media platforms.


Social Media

By Using social media you are choosing to make some information about your life public. for most people theses are family photos, weddings, birthdays, and special or important events in there life. Well you make think that this information can only be accessed by people who are your friends or you okay to look at your account. In most cases everyone by just reaching your name can see all your post. Even the deleted ones if they put some effort in. A good rule of thumb is if you post it, assume it to be public and anyone can see it.

Browsing history

when ever you browse the internet your browser,employer and ISP create a history of all the websites you visits. Much like social media just assume it to be public. Or at the very least if someone really wanted it they could get it. But there are some step you can take to make your browsing history much harder to get. The first is if you are searching for something you would be embarrassed about someone else seeing. browse for it in incognito mode. The second step you can take is purchasing a VPN Services( Virtual Private Network). This will create a private network for your computer to help keep your browsing private, anonymous and secure.



Banking and credit cards


Being able to pay your credit cards online and do your banking online has become very convenient. And banks have done a lot to make the service safe and secure.  And you actually should being using it. But should change your password every 6 months.  And if you let anyone into your computer you don’t know for a extended period of time. You should monitor you bank and credit card daily. If there is any spurious actively you should call your credit card company or bank  ASAP.


If you think your computer or any of your online accounts have been compromised. the best thing you can do is get you computer to I.T professional and have it looked at as soon as possible.









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