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When Should You Bring In Your Computer For Repair?

Is your computer running slow? Have seen strange pop ups while browsing the web, or on the bottom right of your computer screen? It might be time for you to bring in your computer in and have it looked at. Well you might think that your computer running slow or programs being installed that you are not 100% certain what they are, is part of owning a computer.

It can be…

But it also could be evidence of a bigger problem. From viruses that can compromise your online account information. like your credit card account or bank. To a peace of hardware in your computer starting to go.

If you are ever concerned about what your computer is doing you should try and get it to a I.T. professional ASAP. This can stop the problem from becoming more serious and expensive. A dying hard drive is a lot cheaper to get information from the dead hard drive. For example. The most common reason people bring their computers in.  Is because it is running slow or they see a strange program or popup. But their are a lot of other reasons to bring your computer to a I.T professional as well.

Old Age

Computers age. A lot quicker then you might think. With how fast technology is moving a computer could be considered old at as little as three years. If you computer is starting to run slow and is three years or older. It would be good idea to drop it off at a computer repair shop. And have them take a look at it. They can tell you if it would be best to look at new computer. or upgrade the existing one. which is usually the a more cost effective choice. Even just reload windows.

The Computer has Been Dropped

With the winter weather in the Bozeman Montana computers get dropped more often then you might think. Usually one of two things happen. The most common being the screen breaks. the second most common is the computer will not boot. in both these cases you should take your computer into a local computer repair shop. This will not only help you determine your next course of action but can also save you money. by repairing the computer. Or even in some cases recovering valuable information from a damage hard drive. like pictures which you can t really  re-take.

Liquid Damage

In Montana we love our coffee. Our computers really don’t. But spills do happen. So what should you do? The first thing you should do  is not panic and try to turn the computer on. If you do, sending the electrically threw the system could cause more damage then was already done. What also matters is what you actually spill on the computer. Surprisingly water is not the worst thing you have spilled on your computer. and your computer may actually after a day or two of non use, work just fine. The worst are any sugary drinks or anything with a syrup. If for example you spill a red bull on your computer. Get it to a computer repair shop ASAP. But be prepared to by a new computer because the board is most likely dead. Thankfully in most cases the data is recoverable.

Infected Email

In the past few years infected emails have made a comeback presumably because everyone forgot about them and the popularization of cryptocurrencies. If you open a infected email it is important to get it to a Computer Shop as soon as possible. And if you are in a business setting notify your supervisor. in a lot of cases what happens is your computer is held for ransom for some bitcoin amount ranging from 200-10000 dollars. If you pay the ransom most the time you get your computer back and all the information is their. but about 30 percent of the time they take your money and go. It is not worth the risk in most cases to pay the ransom.

Weird Noises

If your computer suddenly start to make loud noises. It is probably time to bring it in. Lucky most the time this is not a very serious issue but can escalate to one if avoided. 9 times out 10 a loud noises from either a desktop computer or a laptop. are caused by a clouded or dying fan. this is a simple and cheap fix that can rage anywhere from 20-100 dollars. But if you ignore the problem it can lead to the computer overheating and cause other hardware damage or random shut downs.

If you have any questions or if your computer has been experiencing any of the problem above give us a call at Ram computer services and we will take care of you 406-586-2408

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